4 Reasons Diets Don’t Work… 4 actions to take instead.

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4 Reasons Diets Don’t Work… 4 actions to take instead: First, we should define a DIET as a rigid and restrictive nutrition plan that makes you feel awful. The first 3 letters tell you all you need to know… When you go on a diet you feel like you are going to D.I.E and that is no way to see sustainable results.

  1. You are not giving your body the fuel it needs to function. Food is fuel for your body and when you restrict food/energy your biological systems suffer.
  2. Dieting leads to disordered eating. The chronic toll of dieting can cause short and long-term damage psychologically and physiologically.
  3. Diets do not focus on health. Not only are they often unsustainable but they mistakenly oversimplify the concept of energy balance in the body. The focus is on arbitrary numbers rather than health.
  4. People have different physiological and psychological needs. One size doesn’t fit all and people are dynamic and change and adapt over time. What works for one person may not work for another and what works one year may not work the same the next.

Now what can you do to fix this…

  1. Focus on quality foods you can add to your nutrition plan. For example, add protein, add green vegetables. Find foods you love that offer lots of nutritional value and give you energy.
  2. Eat based on health, sustainability, and your lifestyle. All nutrition should focus on health and sustainability and what works for your lifestyle will always be the most individualized part of your plan.
  3. Have a flexible plan in place and adjust your plan accordingly during the year. Eating on plan 80% of the time works for a lot of people just as carb cycling. Find what you can stick to that offers some leeway. I may eat differently around the holidays than I do if Im training to run a 10k. Find what works for you and keep what works while throwing away what doesn’t.
  4. Be open to resources and find support. Too many people jump from one fad to the next and it’s partially because they like the new shiny object that promises results. You must stay consistent, which means having a flexible plan, and you need support to keep you motivated. Keep the process simple and don’t neglect the power of consistency.


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