Member Spotlight – Kurt Kausch

Hustle Fitness

I’ve been with HF since it opened in 2011. However, I became goal-oriented about my workouts starting in May 2013. Prior to that, I was just showing up to do something – I wasn’t really mentally or physically invested in my workouts at HF or the other gym I belonged to. ┬áInitially I joined HF because Chris was my personal trainer at my former gym and he left there to open this new business. As I was comfortable with Chris’ training style and routine, I decided to follow him to HF. Since then, I train with both Chris and Josh.

I have worked with two other trainers at my former gym prior to joining HF. Although I enjoyed training with these people, their routines didn’t vary from month to month and the importance of nutrition, in addition to exercise and rest, was not discussed like it is on a regular basis at HF.

When I first started training at HF I was resistant to the idea of having my workouts change on a monthly basis, but as I have increased my strength and flexibility over time, I look forward to the challenges each new routine carries with it. I have always been, mistakenly I now know, a big proponent of cardio workouts – in fact, if I had it my way, that’s all I would do. However, I have learned the importance of balancing cardio workouts with strength and resistance training in addition to monitoring my diet in order to achieve the changes in my appearance and mood that I was seeking.

The greatest lesson I have learned is the importance of a healthy diet – my physique didn’t really change until I started monitoring my intake of carbs, fats and proteins and adjusting them as needed based on my goals with the assistance of Josh and Chris. ┬áI have slimmed down and built some lean muscle mass since participating in the clean eating/healthy eating program that started in August 2013. Although I have made changes to that initial lifestyle change in order to try and build more muscle mass, the basic tenets of the lifestyle change remain and I follow them to this day. The biggest obstacle for me was letting go of preconceived notions I had about fats, proteins, and carbs. Also, trusting Josh to help me reach my goals by following suggested exercise routines and lifestyle changes was key to my current successes.

One of the things I find most valuable about the dietary and exercise lessons I have learned from HF is that they are applicable and do-able when one is traveling. I feel like I am prepared to make not only healthier dietary choices regardless of my circumstances, but also have the tools to workout in any location. In short, there’s no reason why I can’t follow these principles regardless of where I am. To me, that’s the key for consistency and success long term. HF has really helped me make permanent lifestyle choices that have improved my quality of life.