Hustle Fitness

No. We have members ranging in age from their teens to their 70s. Your safety and health are our number one concern, and we will work with you to find the most effective path to better health and fitness.

Our community is made up of a wide variety of members. At Hustle, you’ll find busy professionals, even busier parents, retirees, and college students.

We welcome athletes and couch potatoes alike.

Wherever your starting point is, we will cater to your skills and unique circumstances to help guide you on your own personal fitness journey.

Our experienced coaches’ main goal is to help you train safely and effectively, honoring your unique physical ability.

No. Our main guide on determining workout frequency is your body. All you have to do is listen and watch.

Are you seeing progress? Great.

Are you training at Hustle six times a week, but feel tired and grumpy and the results are stalling? Let’s dial it back.

Recovery is a big piece of the fitness puzzle.

Can only come once a week because work is crazy and the kids seem to catch a cold every other week? Once is better than none, but let’s figure out together how we can make it two.

For a lot of members, three workouts a week seems to be the sweet spot—that might or might not be true for you as well.

Long-term consistency seems to be more important for long-term success. Training 12 times in two weeks, and then taking four weeks off doesn’t seem to work as well as training two times a week for six weeks.

Our group sessions are 35 minutes; our private sessions can be up to 55 minutes.

Our philosophy is that the appropriate intensity is more important than volume. It’s less about how much you are doing, and more about what you are doing and with which intensity.

Focused intensity doesn’t mean high intensity all the time. It means finding the appropriate intensity for your body and your goal. We are here to guide you in this process.

At Hustle, we specialize in Metabolic Resistance Training. This is strength training specifically designed to help you lose body fat and maintain or build muscle tone. MRT has been proven to be the most effective and safest way to tone and lose body fat.

Yes, we have nutrition coaches on staff and this service is included in your membership.

We also host nutrition and fitness challenges throughout the year where our community comes together and takes on the challenge together.

As part of the process, we share meal planning tips and strategies. It’s a fun way to support each other.

We don’t believe there is one best diet. However, there may be a best diet for your body that will help you attain your fitness goals.

Each individual has specific physiological and psychological predispositions that determine what does and doesn’t work.

Our philosophy is that methods change, but principals stay the same. By following universal principals and applying methods tailored to the unique individual, we believe we can maximize your chances of success.

Whether you are a vegetarian, paleo, keto, or baconarian, we will collaborate with you to establish a plan that is attainable and effective.

We offer private and group training.

Group Training

Our group classes have a maximum of 12 participants. Limiting class size assures that our fitness trainers can focus on maximizing safety and efficiency for our members.

In the group setting, we guide members through a specific workout. Our coaches will provide adjustments and modifications according to everyone’s skill and ability.

Personal Training

Our private training works a little differently than what you may be familiar with. We establish a unique plan for you, designed specifically to help you reach your goals. You still work out during session time windows. These sessions are limited to four members at a time.

This has several benefits. It’s a more cost effective way of private training. Our coaches can provide focused attention to detail.

You are part of a community that supports you. Hustle private sessions have started friendships that grew beyond the gym. We think it’s pretty  cool to have a path staked out specifically for you, and at the same time travel this path with others by your side who are traveling on their own version of the same path.

We also offer a virtual program and nutritional coaching.

Memberships are month-to-month, and you may cancel anytime with a 30-day notice. Pricing varies with the level of membership (private, group, virtual) and frequency of training.

Simply email or text to set up a free session.

If you are interested in group training: We can set you up for a free session and consultation after.

More interested in private training? We can schedule an assessment and consultation to get you started.