Hustle Fitness
Fitness Teamwork Begins Together!


Hustle Fitness is a Functional Training Studio that specializes in Metabolic Resistance Training or MST (Strength Training & Cardio Conditioning) to help you stay strong, lean, and feeling your best!

More Confidence – More Energy – Less Pain – All in 35 Minutes

Effective – Results-based programs taught by Personal Trainers.
Efficient – 35-Min Full Body workouts designed to get you lean and strong.
Community – Support and individualized attention from our coaches.


The big box gym method is broken. You pay a membership. You don’t go. No one cares. No one holds you accountable to your fitness routine. But some important key differences between Hustle Fitness and other gyms are community, accountability, and effectiveness.

You need a plan (a plan that works and you can stick to) and a support system.

Our team is passionate about being a positive place in the community. They want to help people feel good and lead full, healthy lives through fitness and nutrition.

Anyone who has set foot in our Lincoln Park fitness community can tell you firsthand how good it feels after you complete a workout at Hustle. The camaraderie created by our members is contagious!

This is why Hustle works. We offer 35-55 minute sessions that are fun and effective workouts to get you in the gym, get you results, and get you out on time to enjoy the rest of your life.

We will make sure you succeed. We want you to be a walking billboard for Hustle Fitness so you tell all your friends about us. We want you to be successful because it inspires other members to be successful.

We offer 1-on-1 personal training, group personal training, and small group training. Our community is inclusive yet small. We cap our group personal training sessions to 4 people with one coach and our group classes to 15 participants with 1 coach.

Nutrition coaching and virtual training packages which are included in all personal training and group training memberships.

Our goal is to provide you with the most value for the coaching you are receiving. By taking advantage of our nutrition coaching and our small group training dynamics, we can guarantee your results.

There’s only one way to find out if Hustle Fitness is right for you… TRY IT!

We understand if you’re here, you’ve probably tried other things. You might be skeptical, concerned, or just plain fed up!

We can tell you we’re different (as will everybody) but don’t take our word for it!

Come in and see how valuable it can be after a stressful day at work to train towards your goal with our community of like-minded people with similar goals.