Hustle Member Spotlight: Brooke

Hustle Fitness

I have always been an athlete, but I’ve never enjoyed working out. It was always a pain- something I did because I had to. But, since I started working out at Hustle Fitness about a year and a half ago, that all changed. The culture that they’ve built at Hustle Fitness makes working out something to look forward to. The people in the gym are all working as hard as they can and encouraging you to do the same. Right at the moment you think you can’t push any further, someone- Chris, Josh, another member- is there to push you the rest of the way. Not only during one of their kick- butt workouts. Chris and Josh are extra supportive when it comes to nutrition and staying on track with your diet, too.

After 1.5 years of regular workouts, moral support and kicking my butt in to gear when I need it, I’m stronger and leaner than I’ve been since training for college soccer a decade ago. I regularly set goals and beat them, and just as often get a reminder and push I need when I need to remember my priorities. After ages of trying other ways, I know I wouldn’t be here without Hustle Fitness!