5 Tips to Get Fit Once and For All During the New Year

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  1. Have a daily Mobility practice.

Set an alarm on your phone to stretch or do mobility work for 1-2 min every 2-3 hrs while at work. We tend to get repeatedly stuck in static positions at work. Whether you are a desk jockey or someone who stands all day cutting hair or patching drywall, we all need to get un stuck from these patterns. Check out the website www.deathofthedesk.com (created by my two friends Ryan and Missy) for more ideas.

  1. Get a workout buddy.

One of the main reasons people quit is due to the lack of a support system. We all need someone or will at least benefit from someone helping us and cheering us on. We all have our bad days where we don’t want to train but having a workout buddy will get you off your butt and on your feet.

  1. Don’t be an idiot.

Another main reason people quit on their goals is because they get hurt or injured. Going too hard too fast is a recipe for burnout or, even worse, injury. You can’t reach your fitness goals if you can’t move. I’m all for trying new things but attempting the same workout as some genetic mutant seen on youtube who has been training for fifteen years while you have spent the last six months binge watching Netflix and ordering pizza is not safe or practical.

  1. Follow a simple nutrition program.

Keep your eating simple and make a grocery list by picking 4-6 proteins, 4-6 vegetables or fruits, 2-3 fats, and 2-3 carbs. Only buy items from this list. Buy the least possible items you can. Buy organic if you can. Use the items you purchased to build your meals. Start with protein, add a vegetable, then add a fat (or a carb if it is after a workout.) If you would like more info subscribe to the PN newsletter or contact me directly at [email protected] as I am a certified coach through PN.

  1. Believe in yourself.

“If you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.” – Henry Ford. This is the #1 reason people fail. It really all starts with believing you can do it and having a “no-quit” attitude. We all struggle from time to time. Successful people see struggles as challenges and find a way to break through and find ways to conquer these challenges. If you never give up you will never fail.