6 Things to Let Go of Today

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In order to move forward and start living the life you deserve, you have to let go of the actions and mindsets that hold you back.

Here are 6 things that are okay to let go of today:

1. Letting shame or guilt destroy your life.

These emotions can cause a vicious cycle of despair. Correct what you can and forgive yourself. Make a promise to yourself that you will forgive yourself and let these feelings go.

Writing, therapy, and positive self-talk are all great mechanisms for change.

2. Keeping the company of people who don’t support your goals.

It can be hard to ‘fire’ people you care about, especially if they are someone you interact with daily such as a family member or co-worker. Ask yourself, “Is this person supportive of the lifestyle I wish to have?” If not, then you know the decision you have to make.

If the person is someone you can’t completely remove yourself from, try limiting your time with them. You don’t owe them an explanation, but you owe it to yourself to be supported!

3. Letting excuses get in the way of your progress.

Your excuses may be legit but they are never going to help you accomplish your goals. Eliminate the words ‘would’ and ‘should’ from your vocabulary, as in, “I would, but..” or “I should, but…”. Instead say, “I know this will be tough but I can do it.”

4. Playing the victim.

It’s time to stop blaming situations and others for what has happened in your life. Take responsibility today and play the hero in your own story. Rather than be someone who is victimized by situations, be the hero who overcomes and triumphs.

Believe in your inherent capabilities and power to persevere!

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5. Sabotaging yourself and your success.

Have you ever made progress on something and fallen short? Did something happen that stopped you from the achievement and you just couldn’t move forward?

Many times people sabotage progress out of a fear of failure. It’s easier to say, “I could have been…” than “I tried and failed”. Realize you are not a failure. You just need to not give up and continue to correct your course until you succeed.

6. Rationalizing your negative behavior.

“It’s only one drink, one missed workout, one whole pizza…” Perhaps that statement is true, but often times it leads down a path of goal sabotage. Remember why you started in the first place and write it down someplace visible as a reminder.

Call yourself out or find someone who will call you out on your own BS. Most of us have general knowledge of what we need to do, but we overthink it and start to negotiate with ourselves.

Develop some non-negotiables that will help you stick to your goals. This will help you create positive behaviors and habits that become easier to adhere to with time!

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