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I’m originally from Michigan but have lived in or near Chicago for almost 20 years. I have a degree in Exercise Science from WMU.

My favorite workout music is 90s Hip-Hop (Jay-Z = GOAT) or 80s.
I have fought in the Chicago Golden Gloves and the World Jiu-Jitsu
Championships. I was recently awarded my second Black Belt by
Professor Alex Molinaro.

I opened Hustle in 2011 with the goal of creating a fitness community
where people could feel supported, build skills to look, move and feel better, and become more ‘BADASS’. We opened HF Willowbrook in
2022 and Molinaro BJJ in 2023. #KeepHustling!


I grew up in Elmhurst and went to Montini Catholic High School. I played varsity basketball and track I went to Harper College and dual majored in early childhood education and exercise science.
I have my personal training certification through American Council on Exercise. I’ve been a personal trainer and coach for 10 years.

I typically don’t listen to music when I work out but if I do it’s always 90s country 😉 In my free time (which is not much with a 1yr old) I enjoy watching Netflix. My current show is The Blacklist. I love being a part of Hustle Fitness because the community is like no other gym. Coaches and members push each other to be better inside the gym and out.


The daughter of a chiropractor, whole body health was instilled in Paula at an early age. Paula swam competitively from an early age and continued to swim into her college years. She also ran track, played basketball, and golf in her youth.

As a self-proclaimed cardio junky, Paula continued to swim, run, and bike through the years. She coached cross country and worked with swim teams, making fitness fun for children. In 2000, Paula tried yoga as a new physical challenge and was amazed to gain a new sense of body awareness and mindfulness.

After years of growing her practice, Paula became a certified yoga instructor. She has taught private, corporate, and group yoga for the past 10 years. Paula continues to swim and is committed to training for the Master’s State meet in the spring of 2022. (Yes, hold her accountable and ask how her training is going!)


MacKenzie (Coach MacK) has been a proud member of the Hustle Fitness team since 2017. By day, she is a clinical psychologist but by night/weekend, she coaches and teaches yoga at HF. She also helps organize and prepare the monthly class schedule and recently took up the post of co-facility manager.

I’ve had a history of hip issues beginning in my late teens that previously caused daily chronic pain. But a strong focus on strength and conditioning, paired with PT, yoga, and core work, I’ve become practically pain free!

I’ve remained dedicated to Hustle not just for the awesome workouts, but mainly because of the strong sense of community. We strive to build each member up and encourage continuous learning in order to help you reach your individual fitness and nutrition goals.


I'm from Bloomington IL. I went to school in Oxford, Ohio. It is in the
middle of nowhere and anytime I tell people I went to Miami; they
think I mean Florida and I must disappoint them and tell them “It's in
My favorite music to work out to is The Transformers Soundtracks.
Nothing gets me going quite like Giant Robot Music.
Chris and Amanda do a great job establishing the culture, but it's the
members that elevate it. There's a sense of everyone "being in it
together" when working out that really brings out the fun. As adults,
we all have responsibilities and schedules, so for everyone to choose to

keep coming, shows they enjoy it and want to get better, which is a
hard thing to find in the world.


I am originally from Orland Park and have a degree in Exercise Science
from Xavier University.

My favorite workout music is EDM or House. I love sushi. I currently
compete in track and field. My events are javelin, hammer, and

My lifting PRs include 360 Bench, 500 Squat, and 615 Deadlift.
I really enjoy the energy and environment of Hustle Fitness, but most importantly love seeing people smile after a great workout.