Lincoln Park Chicago: Home to Active Attractions

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Once home to forestry and patches of grassland, the area that has been dubbed Lincoln Park Chicago since the late 1800’s is now recognized as one of the most vibrant and bustling community areas of Chicago. Those that visit Lincoln Park will be met with an array of fun and exciting activities and things to see. The community is built upon a rich history, that of which only lends to the uniqueness that it exhibits today. For those that are considering visiting Lincoln Park Chicago, below you will find a few of the great things that we love about this community.

Lincoln Park Zoo

The great thing about visiting the zoo is that it is an activity that caters to the interests of both adults and children alike. The Lincoln Park Zoo is one of the oldest Zoo’s in the United States. This beautiful and architecturally aesthetic enclave is home to a slew of diverse animals. While enjoying a relaxing walk through the zoo, you’ll be able to see reptiles, monkeys, polar bears, big cats, penguins, and so much more. The best thing about this attraction is that it allows you to enjoy an active activity, and honestly, there are few things better.  Did we mention that it is a free public zoo?

The Green City Market

The beauty of the Green City Market is that it is available nearly all year around. However, if you are looking for an outdoor activity, then it is best to attend during the spring, summer, and fall months. The Green City Market is the result of an organizations efforts to educate individuals on healthy and eco-friendly choices that connects both the farmers and the consumers. Apart from finding wonderful foods grown locally, you can also take part in chef demonstrations, field trips, testing series, and so much more. Apart from fruits and vegetables, you’ll also be able to find baked goods, dairy, flowers and plants, meats and poultry, and prepared foods.

Lilstreet Art Center

Our list has something for everyone, even those that love art. The Lilstreet Art Center is a center that believes in fostering the growth of art in individuals. It offers you the opportunity to attend unique art exhibits, partake in art activities, attend galleries, and become part of a community that truly loves what it does. Visiting this center is the perfect activities for both adults and children, as it really does cater to everyone’s artistic needs.

North Avenue Beach

If it’s sunny outside and you’re looking to visit one of Chicago’s most popular beaches, then North Avenue Beach is the place to go. You’ll be able to partake in fun activities such as biking, rollerblading, swimming, and jogging. It’s a favorite among active individuals and also those that just wish to relax on the sand under the warm sun.

Overall, Lincoln Park Chicago is one of the most popular communities in the city. Residents and visitors alike have an array of fun things to do and see, and once you even try a few of the above activities, you’ll fall in love with the community just like everyone else. In addition, when visiting this rea, don’t hestiate to bring your kids. They’ll enjoy just as much as you will