Kettlebell Workouts, back to the basics

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Over the last few years kettlebell training has grown in popularity. This is partly responsible due to the public affirmation by several celebrity trainers confirming the array of benefits and the versatility of the workouts. In some ways kettlebells are comparable to dumbbells; however, kettlebells offer increased movement and the use of momentum. Dumbbells are used for controlled movements, whereas the design of the kettlebell provides an open method to hold and move weight. Kettlebell workouts are become more popular largely due to their efficacy in their effectiveness in increasing power while burning fat.

For anyone unfamiliar with the shape of a kettlebell, imagine a small cannonball with a handle placed on top. This design offers significant advantages over the dumbbell. A dumbbell requires the center-of-gravity to rest in the hand in one specific point. In most cases, the hand has to remain balanced and move in a straight line to focus the weight on the working muscles. The kettlebell, on the other hand, distributes the weight equally throughout several different areas of motion. This provides an engaging workout that uses multi-directional motion and a wider spectrum of movement. For many users, the kettlebell offers unique exercises and training programs. The kettlebell offers a unique opportunity to perform certain highly effective exercises that would otherwise be impossible to perform with a dumbbell.

Kettlebell workout routines provide many exercises that are used to increase endurance and enhance cardiovascular benefits. An exercise that offers a total body workout is known as The Turkish Get Up. The TGU starts in a supine position, which is a position that requires the user to lie on the back. The exercise finishes with the user in an upright position with the arm locked overhead. The TGU exercise is an effective full body workout that is used for strengthening and stabilizing the shoulders as well as other muscles. The TGU helps keep the shoulders healthy and less vulnerable to injury.

One of the most popular ways to use the kettlebell is known as “the swing”. This exercise offers full body movement and is effective in many different workout programs. The swing is ideal for metabolic work that improves muscular strength while burning fat. This exercise is popular for working the ignored muscles on the back of the body. However, the swing also works the abs and stabilizes the core. The swing is different from other types of chain developers. This exercise allows users to train using a higher amount of reps and efficiently moves the hips to provide a higher training volume. The swing is ideal for opening the hips and strengthening the glutes. Although this exercise can be completed using a dumbbell, the kettlebell makes this exercise significantly more comfortable and safe.

Overall, kettlebell training has grown in popularity because it offers an effective yet fun workout. This form of training is a useful way for users to reach workout goals in a refreshing way. Kettlebell workout routines offer many unique exercises that make training programs more exciting. Although the kettlebell has been available for years, it has become more popular because it is a cool tool that offers a more efficient way to workout.