Total Body Workouts for the Busy Professional

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It is pretty common knowledge that there are countless positive benefits gained from regular physical activity. For the busy professional trying to maintain a proper work and life balance, finding extra time and motivation to work out is not only difficult—it often seems impossible.

The fitness and health industry has responded by dedicating more time and research into developing fun, total body workouts that maximize the benefits of physical activity while minimizing the amount of time required to reap those benefits. This way, busy professionals can get healthy and fit, without taking too much time away from work, or the family.

Why total body workouts are becoming so popular

This revolutionary training style is seen everywhere from home programs like P90X and Insanity, to gyms that offer CrossFit or High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Total body workout routines revolve around a concept very familiar to a working professional. Work smarter, not harder.

These workout routines emphasize more effective exercises that utilize multiple major muscle groups, offering a total body workout in a shorter time. The shorter workout means the busy professional does not have to spend hours at the gym to see results.Workouts are easy to schedule around. They are a great way to start the day or can also easily fit in during a lunch break, or the kids’ piano lessons.

Effective workouts for busy professionals

For professionals trying to combat the monotony of the traditional 9 to 5, boredom is a major obstacle to staying motivated to getting or staying fit.

The most effective total body workout routines are designed to continually offer new challenges to the participant. Routines incorporate exercises from different modalities of strength training such as body weight, kettle bells, barbell, and often finishing with metabolic work such as traditional cardio or kick boxing.

In a single day, participants may do bodyweight exercises, traditional weight lifting, cardio, yoga, Pilates, even martial arts moves. This means total body workout routines are more likely to stay fun, fresh, and invigorating.

The most effective total body workout routines have multiple difficulty levels to make sure a participant is always making progress. Because they are designed to challenge participants of all fitness levels, from beginners to professional athletes, each exercise typically offers variations to ensure every workout is safe and effective.

This does not mean the routines are a walk in the park. The increased intensity requires participants to continually dig deeper to find the strength to do their best. For many, this is an empowering experience that not only increases confidence at the gym, but in other areas of their lives as well.

Participants learn how to motivate themselves from within and tap into their full potential as they push themselves beyond their physical limitations every workout.

Why include total body workouts in your fitness regimen?

The effectiveness of a total body workout is the most compelling reason to include it into the work week. These routines are shown to boost metabolism for hours after the initial workout, while also increasing concentration and energy. This means a participant will burn more calories for the entire workday and feel much more focused and efficient in and out of the office.

Moreover, participants who regularly utilize higher intensity total body workouts often see significant increases in muscle mass, and a decrease in body fat, all with a minimum investment of valuable time.

There are many different total body workout routines out there, but the science is simple: the harder your work, the less time it takes, and the more results you will see (as long as you are making time for adequate recovery). For the busy professional trying to do it all, the positive benefits are endless, and impossible to ignore.