Group Fitness Classes, what constitutes proper etiquette?

Hustle Fitness

In this contemporary era, the fitness industry is flourishing as more and more people seek fun and effective exercises that will help them slim down and tone up, and feel great in their bodies. While there are a variety of ways to accomplish these goals, many people enjoy participating in group fitness classes to maximize health. If you are interested in making group fitness classes an integral component of your workout routine, you should know that using proper etiquette can improve the quality of the experience for you and those around you. Here are three etiquette tips you should be sure to follow:

1. Show Up Early to group fitness classes

Showing up early for a group fitness class is one of the best forms of etiquette to abide by. Doing so is important because it gives you the opportunity to ask personal trainers any questions that you have about the class, thereby preventing unnecessary conversations during the workout.  At Hustle Fitness, we encourage our members to show up 15 minutes early to do some initial warming up exercises including foam rolling and other self myofacial release (SMR) techniques.

2. Bring a great attitude

It can be difficult at times to become motivated to workout.  Especially after working at long day as a busy professional, sometimes the last thing you want to do at the end of the day is workout.  Preparing yourself mentally before arriving at the gym helps many people.  In addition, speaking with the other members often gets people in the mood to workout.  We have a strong community at Hustle Fitness, and often times all you need to do is have a quick conversation with a few other members when warming up, and you can go at the upcoming workout together.

3. Don’t try to hold a conversation as the group class is going on

It can be tempting sometimes, especially when you are surrounded by people that you like, to have a conversation during the group classes.  It is less distracting to the other members to hold the conversation until after class.  We work hard in our classes, and in a smaller environment, it can be easy to distract others.  In addition, if you have any specific questions unrelated to the current class for the trainer leading the class, wait to ask them until afterwards.  If you have questions about exercise form or other class related queries, be sure to ask during the class before attempting to perform them.


Although the list above is not exhaustive, it does provide you with a basic understanding of the types of things that constitute proper etiquette when you are participating in group fitness classes. Some other things you should take into consideration include wearing appropriate clothing and following the instructions of the personal trainers. By using these etiquette tips, you are sure to get a great workout while ensuring that the exercise environment is a productive and a positive experience for everyone involved. Good luck!