The Death of 1-on-1 Personal Training

Hustle Fitness

Over five years ago, when I opened Hustle Fitness, I was doing mostly one-on-one training. I quickly made the switch to semi-private training sessions (4-1 ratio with custom workouts) and small group class training (boot camp style where everyone does the same workout). I wasn’t sure how this would work when implementing these protocols, as some people don’t do well with change. I was shocked when I saw that not only did members’ results improve but also they were having more fun and coming more often! The group atmosphere created a sort of synergy where everyone worked alongside each other and encouraged one another. In these types of sessions it’s not only myself and the other fitness coaches encouraging our members, members encourage and support one another, which creates a community feel unmatched by any one-on-one setting.

There are many benefits to investing in personal training and hiring a fitness coach: increased self-confidence; knowledge in strength training and fitness; mental toughness; faster accomplishment of your goals. However, most people don’t really experience these when they hire a trainer for one-on-one training. Now, there are exceptions to the rule—maybe you are a pro athlete who needs advanced attention and can afford the price or, maybe you have an injury (current or post rehab) that requires specialized attention. But overall, one-on-one training is not the best fit for many people.

Why you should be wary:

  1. You are not learning anything. You go to your trainer and they tell you exactly what to do every time. You always do different things but never learn anything. Your workouts on your own consist of elliptical and running and you would be totally lost going to another gym and trying to replicate your program. If you are always looking in a mirror, you never learn how to really perform the exercises. You will always need the mirror.
  2. You are not building confidence. This goes hand-in-hand with what I mention above. One reason most people hire a trainer is because they have very little knowledge of the weight room and feel like everyone is judging them. Well, if you are hanging on every word your trainer says and not being self-sufficient you will never be able to do this on your own. The training you invest in should build your confidence and knowledge so that in time you are able to workout on your own.
  3. It is not sustainable. Knowledgeable and experienced trainers aren’t cheap, nor should they be. But you don’t want to shop around for the best deal you can find. When you shop around for the cheapest price you are getting just that—the cheapest product. Find the training package that offers what you want and need and make a decision based on this. Buy on value, not on price.

So, what’s the take away?

Ask questions and advocate for the type of training or programs that will help you the most. You want to find the right studio for YOU, where you feel comfortable and can get results in a supportive atmosphere. You want to make sure the trainer and studio are right for you before making a decision based solely on price. At my studio, by offering semi-private training sessions I have made fitness coaching and programing affordable, safe, results-driven and fun. Awesome results will literally change your life and you can’t put a value on that.