Don’t Give Up on Yourself

Hustle Fitness

How many times have you started something and not seen it thru till the end? How many times have you regretted your decision? Have you started, stopped, then started again repeating this cycle multiple times?

People quit things every day.

I myself have quit bad relationships, shitty jobs, bad habits, activities I didn’t like. Quitting isn’t always inherently bad but when you quit something that is good for your body, mind, spirit (or all the above) regret usually follows and along with it self-defeat. When you feel defeated it can be 10X harder to dig yourself out of whatever funk you may be in.

Picture being stuck in a 10 ft hole and instead of building a ladder to get out you grab a shovel and start digging deeper, then all of a sudden someone starts filling in the hole from above. What do you do? Do you call out for help? Do you work even harder to get out considering the situation is getting much worse? The sad fact is that a lot of people in bad situations move backwards instead of forward.

I deal with people quitting all the time.

I’ve seen people quit and start over again and again and 10 years later they are no better or worse off than when they started. When I confront them Its always the same story. “I don’t have the time.” “I can’t afford it right now.” “The timing isn’t right, I’ve got to many things coming up and I need to wait.”

These excuses may be legit but they are not going to change a damn thing about the situation. If you want to change any situation the time is now. You make the time. You are the time. If my doctor called and said “Chris, If you don’t eat at least 6 veggies today you will drop dead from a stroke.” Would I say hey the timing isn’t right for this, I’m tired and I don’t feel like getting up 15 min early to prep my meals (which actually saves me time around lunch as opposed to walking down to the cafeteria and waiting in line.) Hell no!

You have to look at fitness and nutrition as your #1 priority

You always have the time to eat healthy and workout because they both enhance other aspects of your life and give you more time and energy to focus on what matters.

The I can’t afford excuse doesn’t work. It basically translates into I do not value this or maybe I don’t want to do the work necessary to find value in this. I’ve seen people quit saying they cant afford a gym membership and then turn around and post pictures on Facebook, getting their nails done, going to expensive concerts and drinking $10 beers, going on extravagant vacations, driving 100k cars (not willing to spend a fraction of the cost of this car on their own body! The car may last 10 years but your body may last 100 if you give your body the proper care.)

I’m not judging how people should spend their money or saying that they shouldn’t go out and have a good time or have a sense of pride for whatever status they have worked hard to attain, but it does become alarming when people are so quick to give up being healthy and feeling confident because the cost is too high. What about the long term costs of not being active. Would you agree the cost down the road would be higher if you didn’t start taking care of yourself sooner rather than later?

The perfect time to start is always now

Could the timing be better? Sure it could it could always be better and will never be perfect. But if you wait for the right time to start you may never get to where you want to go because you are always waiting. The best bet is to start and maybe the time will be right. “Don’t wait to strike while the iron is hot, make it hot by striking,” said William Butler Yates.

My goal in writing this is to tell you you can do it. As a coach part of what I do is help people cut all the bullshit and give them a reality check of what’s really doing on. I have almost never had someone doubt me or doubt my program. They doubt themselves. They doubt they can do it. They doubt they can stick with it. But Im here to tell you, you can do it, you can stick with it. Small steps consistently in the right direction can add up and make a big difference.

You can make it work and live an extraordinary life

It may seem easier to live an average life, get up late, skip meals, half ass things at work, cancel plans with friends, watch TV for 6 hours instead of reading or calling a friend, It may seem easier to do these things that push you further from what you ultimately want in life but let me tell you, not moving forward and working toward your goals will wear on you. It will drag you down and make you feel like someone in a hole with dirt being thrown on them. It is actually much harder to live a mediocore or average life than it is to live extraordinary, due to the mental stress associated by living this way.

We either move forward or backward

There is no standing still. I want you to live an extraordinary life and make the most of your time and treat each second of every day as a gift, a chance to learn deeper, love deeper, and give something back to those you love and the entire world.